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Follows Katniss, a sixteen year old that volunteers to take her young sister’s place in the Hunger Games. The Games is a battle to the death between twenty four young people, one boy and one girl from each of the countries twelve districts. Those from Districts 1 and 2 are at a distinct advantage, growing up well fed, well educated and with access to the best technology, while those in the rest of the Districts must work for their food, housing and basic necessities and barely eek out a living. Those in and born to families in the capital are completely excluded and treat the Hunger Games like a reality TV Show, placing bets on the ones they think will do best and sending trinkets to them in the arena. The Hunger Games serves as a yearly reminder for the rebellion the Districts staged against the Capital and the consequences for questioning the government's absolute power.

Political FantasyEdit

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Political Fantasy is a literary arena for current trends to play out so that consequences can be observed. It acts as a vacuum experiment to see what outcomes could happen. Political Fantasy novels center on how politics affect society as well as social interactions. The novels consist of one or more societies that attempt to gain power over those that currently hold it or shows the attempts to actively control a part of the society. The stories can be set in a fantastic world or in the current world, re-imagined either with new borders, political parties, peoples and laws. The protagonist is usually an outsider that doesn’t know the rules or how the society is currently divided. This protagonist promises to uphold or change current political values.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins takes a look at the consequences of rebellion in a re-imagined United States, renamed Panem. Readers will not only enjoy the story crafted by Collins, but the series will encourage readers to think more deeply about the political choices made and the consequences of them. Collins’ story gives an extreme example of the consequences that come after election of an oppressive government and the attempts to overthrow it.

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